A Teuton in the Netherlands

By 26th September 2016Medieval Music Journal

Video: Cantiga 166 (CSM 166) by Vox Vulgaris

A Teuton in the Netherlands

Dieterich wiped the sweat from his forehead. It was unusually warm fort he time of the year: fall had just begun, yet the sun stood high in the sky, raining its beams on the commandery. The grapes in the garden were ripe and swollen, as if they would burst and make wine flow over the fields. The bees would soon retreat fort he cold of winter, but today, they were buzzing like a thousand hurdy-gurdies. As Dieterich walked trough the village, he thought to himself that the villagers were as numerous as the bees, just not as busy. It was too warm fort hem to work, especially fort he smith and the baker, with their fires; Instead, you would find them close to the river, catching fishes or swimming. Dieterich smiled. What a difference with the past years, which he had spent up in the North: no wine flowing over the fields, but pagan blood. No bees, but ravens and crows. Instead of walking full of sweat, he would be clad in layers of wool and steel, to fend off stinging cold and arrows. And the villagers there would run in fear as he came by, instead of enjoying themselves. No bees, but swarms of flies attracted by rotten meat, and…

But what did it matter? He was home, back in Saint-Pietersvoeren, amongst his comrades. And as Dieterich walked trough the gates of his commandery, he whistled a happy tune and thanked god fort he sun and peace.

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